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Press for Psyche: First Upon a Time


The World Premiere of Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera

Los Angeles

Greenway Court Theater

Fall 2014

"The City of Angels is getting a treat that is typically found only on the Great White Way in New York."


- Cody Collier, LIBERTY VOICE

"BEAUTIFUL... Undeniably impressive...much like a master painting brought to life!"



"An electrifying, innovative re-telling of a classic Greek fable, pulsating with passion and exuberance."


- Susan Grace, GRACE NOTES

"Creator Cindy Shapiro has fashioned a vibrant and exciting rock-opera from this richly romantic source material, investing her book, music and lyrics with a magical blend of timeless antiquity combined with the contemporary. All these elements come together seemingly effortlessly under Michael Matthews' expert direction. The result is a thrilling post-modern rock musical that is as edgy as it is beautiful."


- Pauline Adamek, STAGE RAW

"A modern-day retelling of the Psyche myth, the production features a mind-bogglingly intricate staging that includes spectacular design elements, a wonderful cast, terrific choreography and the kind of dream musical direction that would grace a Broadway show."


- Kathleen Foley, LA TIMES


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